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How To Get BT Mail On Android

Whether it’s Android or iOS, a perfect medium to build a conversation is crucial today. Thus, to ensure that you use the best online communication medium for personal and professional purposes, use BT Mail. BT (British Telecom) is well known for offering broadband, fixed-line, and mobile services. Additionally, they provide network, IT, and digital television services. Moreover, their mailing service is also exceptional and performance-oriented, just like other services.  

Additionally, consumers get a slew of options, including BT Basic, BT Premium, and BT Standard. However, the user must purchase broadband from BT in order to utilize the standard email. Users can quickly and easily set up BT Email on Android and iOS smartphones. This article entails how to set up BT Mail on Android devices. Hence, several users can benefit from this setup procedure if they want conventional ways of digital communication. Logging in to BT Mail is just as easy as setting it up. By following the instructions listed below, users may rapidly set up, activate, and restore their BT Email login credentials for Android.

Instructions to Establish BT Mail on Android

The setup procedure for BT Email is a straightforward process for Android users. Furthermore, using the below directions, one can set up the login account on several Android devices. In order to utilize the free email services, users must first configure BT Email on their devices. So, scroll down and adhere to the following instructions.

  • To begin with, launch an email or Gmail program on your smart device.
  • Note: Depending on the company and version of the Android smartphone, the BT Mail setup may differ slightly in steps.
  • Now, open the “Menu” option by tapping on the french fries icon (three plain lines) available on top of the screen.
  • Users must then choose “Settings” followed by “Add Account” from the menu.
  • The user’s screen will now display the email setup page.
  • Next, you have to select the “Other” option from the presented menu.
  • After that, input the email address.
  • Consequently, choose the “Manual Setup” option from the drop-down menu.
  • The users must then select “IMAP Account” and enter the required information in the required fields.
  • The fields highlighted as necessary require users to enter their “Username,” “Password,” “IMAP server,” “Security Type,” and “Port.”
  • After that, you must fill out the necessary information in the fields provided before clicking “Next.”
  • You will land on the Outgoing Server Screen after selecting “Next.” Here, you would have to fill out the relevant entries for the “SMTP server,” “Port,” and “Security Type.”
  • Following that, continue the process further by clicking “Next.”
  • Subsequently, select the “Email Check Frequency” tab next.
  • After entering the account name in the box provided, users should click “Done.”

Users can easily set up BT Mail on an Android smartphone if they follow the procedures above. Contact BT customer service for help if you need to set up your BT email login account. With this configuration, you now have access to one of the best mailing services out there. Furthermore, this one offers secure communication in addition to features like significant email storing space, ad-free experience, and a customizable, user-friendly interface Profile to seek the pinnacle of experiences.


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