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How To Get BT Email On Android

Would you like to utilize BT Mail on an Android device? Or are you looking for how to get BT Email on Android? You can follow this writing to use Android devices and get BT Mail on them. Simply adhere to these easy guidelines for all sorts of Android devices. However, the steps may differ if you have a different Android or operating system. Although before you jump onto the setup procedure, here’s a little sneak peek of BT, famously known as British Telecom. 


British Telecom is a global corporation from the UK. It is a sizable fixed-line, broadband, and subscription television provider as well as a mobile and IT service provider. Furthermore, there are three versions of BT Email: Basic, Standard, and Premium. All three are entirely safe and simple to use. As a result, customers may think about using their BT email login account for both personal and professional reasons. The basic email service is totally free and does not require BT internet access. The user gets a free standard email when they subscribe to BT broadband. However, Premium users would have to pay a nominal fee to enjoy the services.  


Logging in to BT Mail is just as easy as setting it up. By following the instructions listed below, users may rapidly set up, activate, and restore their BT Email login credentials for Android.

How To Get BT Email On Android

BT Email Login account

The consumers can rapidly set up a BT Email Login account on any of their various devices. In order to utilize the free email services, users must first configure BT Email on their device. Users can therefore set up their BT Email login account on their Android handsets by following the instructions provided below. So, scroll down and adhere to the guidelines.

  • First, the user must launch an email or Gmail application.
  • Note: The BT Mail setup is affected based on the manufacturer and version of the Android handset.
  • Now, we suggest the users select the “Menu” option from the three-dotted line provided on the screen as they already have other email accounts in the email program.
  • Next, users must select “Settings” and then “Add Account” from the menu.
  • The email setup page will now appear on the user’s screen.
  • The users are then recommended to choose the “Other” option.
  • After that, enter the email address for
  • Then, it is advised that users choose “Manual Setup” from the drop-down menu.
  • The users must then choose “IMAP Account” and provide the necessary data in the fields given.
  • Users must input their “Username,” “Password,” “IMAP server,” “Security Type,” and “Port” in the fields marked as required.
  • Then, users must click “Next” after entering the necessary information in the fields provided.
  • After clicking “Next,” the users will be directed to the Outgoing Server Screen, where they must enter the “SMTP server,” “Port,” and “Security Type” in the appropriate fields.
  • After that, customers can proceed further by selecting “Next.”
  • After that, choose the “Email Check Frequency” tab.
  • Users should then enter their account name in the space provided and click “Done.”


If users follow the above processes, setting up BT Email on Android smartphones is simple. Users who need assistance setting up their BT email login account should get in touch with BT customer care.

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