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BT Mail – Now you may do My BT Login or Btinternet Sign in to Manage BT Account and Access all the features including Compose Mail, etc.

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BT Mail

BT Group PLC is a British Multinational Telecommunication. It is trading as BT and formerly known as British Telecom. It is the largest provider of fixed-line, broadband and mobile services, subscription television and IT services.

BT controls a large number of subsidiaries like BT Global Services and BT Consumer. BT Global Services division provides worldwide telecom services to corporate and government customers while BT Consumer division gives telephony, broadband and subscription television services.

Bt Mail Login is totally optional free email service which comes with BT Broadband. When you register for BT Broadband, it will ask if you would like to use your  BT Email address. If you select this option you will get an email address that ends in

Your BT Mail address is your user-name for signing into other services you choose such as BT Cloud and BT Wi-Fi. In case if you have not decided to get an email address when you took up broadband do not worry about it. You can do this anytime later.

One of the benefits of Bt is that you can create up to 10 additional email addresses for family and friends. It is 11 (eleven) in total number. Bt Email is a great email service provider with a simple and easy account interface. The great thing about Bt Email is you can access it from any internet connection.

Bt Mail is a secure web-based application. It can be linked with other services such as Contacts and Calendar. You can operate it with other email accounts, so you can manage all your email from one place. It is a web-based email service and that’s why you can access it from any internet connection, any computer or device and from anywhere in the world.

It has a standalone, paid email service named BT Premium Mail. BT Premium Mail provides users the same functions and features as BT Email. People who are giving up their BT Broadband and want to keep their email can only get access to BT Premium Mail.

In order to use BT Mail services on a computer program or mobile device, make sure you are using the correct email settings. Using a wrong setting can lead this your email canceled or create an error in log in.

If you want to keep your BT Mail Login address, you have to log in to it at least every 90 days by using a computer program or mobile device. It can be suspended without notice if an email address isn’t used for 90 days. It can be recovered in 60 days or further. During this period of time, you can reactivate BT ID account holder by logging in.

When you delete your email address BT Email will delete all of the personal information relating to your account like email messages, contacts, calendar appointments etc. It is not possible to recover the email address or original content associated with it once deleted.

Before you create an account of BTinternet Login, it’s important that you should know its different types. You can create up to 10 additional accounts to use with BT Email. Its types are:-

➔ Primary Address – the main BT account holder can use their BT ID to set up sub and affiliate email addresses.

➔ Sub Accounts – it is an additional email address. It can be used as an alternative or additional email address by the account holder. As the primary account retains ownership, sub-accounts are also good for young family members.

➔ Affiliate accounts –  generally this email address is created for another household member. Affiliate users own their own security details and BT ID. And this email address is their sole and own responsibility.

To get access to BT Mail, you need to sign in with your BT ID. There are the different procedure to sign up for all three types of account. Sometimes a question rises what is BT ID and where you can find it. A BT ID is a username and password. In order to access all your BT services online you need your BT ID. you can log into My BT Mail App and all BT apps with your BT ID.

If you placed your order online, you may have created a BT ID. In case if you have created ID, then BT will send you a link to the email address you provided. Each BT ID has an accounting role attached to it. Your role will determine the services and information you can access. You either can be an Account Holder or an Account Manager.

If you have not received an email asking you to activate your BT ID or you don’t have a BT ID, it is easy to create one. To create an account all you need is BT account number that you can get from the right corner of any bills you got from BT. Kindly, Follow the instructions to Create a BT ID –

➔ Go to the main BT Mail Website.

➔ Now, click on Manage Account.

➔ After that, you will need a valid email address and your BT account number.

➔ You can get your BT account number in the top right corner on any bill we have sent.

➔ Now, enter your email address once.

➔ Then, re-enter your email address. 

➔ Click on Continue.

➔ After that, you will get your BT ID.

BT Email Account Creation For Yourself

➔ Go to the homepage of BT.

➔ Log in to My BT with your BT ID.

➔ BT Broadband customers will have to select the broadband link from your package on your homepage.

➔ After that, click see broadband extras and finally BT Email. 

➔ Then, click manage BT Mail.

➔ Now, you will be asked to create a new email address link.

➔ Then, select the Create new address email link.

➔ Further, choose your new email address and provide a password for it.

➔ After that, click on Create email.

➔ Then, you will receive a confirmation message and your new email address will be linked to your BT ID.

Account Creation For New Affiliate Account And Existing Affiliate

➔ Firstly you need to Log in to My BT with your BT ID.

➔ BT Broadband customers will have to select the broadband link from your package on your homepage.

➔ After that, click see broadband extras and finally BT Email. 

➔ Then, click manage BT Mail Login.

➔ Now, select to Give an email address.

➔ Further, provide the details of the person you are creating the new account address for and to select an email address.

➔ After that click Continue.

➔ You will get a confirmation message containing a link. This link will also be provided to the contact email address you give for the new user during setup.

➔ When the new user activates their account, a unique activation link will be available from the friends and family section within the email management pages.

➔ The new user has to set up their own BT ID password if they do not have one. 

Activation of BT Mail

In order to activate your BT Mail account, you need to activate it either you have BT Email address already or you having a new one. For activation, you need to follow the unique link that was given to you by the account holder or in the email we sent to you to confirm the account had been set up.

Follow the instructions:-

➔ Firstly, go to My BT homepage.

➔ Now click on Manage Account.

➔ Then, you have to provide your existing BT ID or Create one.

➔ You will be asked to select the email address that has been set up for you or any other email address you already own or use. And ultimately this will become your BT ID.

➔ After that, you will be asked to provide some security information, including a password your own security validation question or contact details. 

➔ When you have completed the necessary information, click Continue.

➔ You will receive a confirmation message that BT email address is now activated. 

➔ You can now log in and start using it straightaway.

Log In to BT Mail

➔ Open the homepage of BT Email.

➔ Now you will see a Sign In dialog.

➔ Enter your BT ID or email address there.

➔ Then, enter your Password.

➔ After that click on the Sign In dialog.

➔ You can access the BT Mail now.

BT Mail is a web-based application. You can link it with other services such as Contacts and Calendar. It has many unique features which makes BT Mail different from others. You can operate it with other email accounts, so you can manage all your email from one place. One of the undeniable benefits of Bt Email is that you can create up to 10 additional email addresses for family and friends. It is a great email service provider with a simple and easy account interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up BT Mail on Android is simple and an effective way to establish online communication. Follow the below directions for the same:

  • First, go to Gmail on your Android device.
  • Then, press Add Account from the menu.
  • Subsequently, select Manual setup and then “IMAP”
  • Finally, enter your user name and passwords and you are good to go.


For more information click here.

BT Broadband package cancellation and switching are often simple procedures. All you need to do to transfer providers or packages is select your new option. Together, your existing provider and new provider will close your account and transfer your broadband service to the latter. Additionally, users can call the BT Customer Line 0800 783 1401 to cancel your subscription.Read More

Occasional hiccups are there in every online program; thus, to resolve these issues you can follow the below measures.   

  • Check the sender’s email service.
  • Check your spam folder.
  • Check the email address.
  • Check your blocked address list.
  • Ensure that auto forwarding is enabled.

The BT Email app is designed to make handling your emails quick and hassle-free. Furthermore, with the app any user can access emails remotely on their smartphones.

  • To download the app on your Android Device you can visit the Play Store.
  • For iOS users they can navigate to the App Store to get the application on their devices.

Adhere to the below instruction to configure BT Email on your iPhone:

  • First, open the mail application that you use.,
  • Next, navigate to the Settings Menu, the n tap the Outgoing Mail Server.
  • Now, under host name, enter
  • Subsequently, for username, enter your email address including or
  • Lastly, for password, enter your btinternet password.

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