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You need to learn the process of Btinternet login to download BT Mail (BTinternet) emails to your computer hard drive. Also, save your BT mail to your computer and transfer them to another BT mail login account. Hence, stay tuned regarding how to save BT mail or email to your Computer. Plus, how you can export BT emails from the BTinternet Login account. This information will guide you to back up BTinternet login emails to your PC using the BT Mail login account. 


Moreover, if you don’t know, BTinternet login emails are a part of the largest webmail provider of BT mailing and BT emailing services. Not just this, Btinternet Email login emailing is also responsible for supplying telecommunication services in more than 180 countries all over the world. Remember, downloading the BT mail lets you access all its basic features for free, except the premium one. But at the same time, it doesn’t permit its user to save your BT mail login emails from BTinternet to your PC. As per the sources, BT Mail has just launched a new “BT Mail Backup Tool” to unload or ease a lot of work of its BTinternet login account users. 


Furthermore, using this “BT Mail Backup Tool ” gives you access to a number of saving options to download BTinternet Email login account emails to your system. Hence, it fulfills the need to download BT emails from your system’s BT Mail login account. Last but not least, if you are a new user of the BTinternet login account, downloading the BT Mail app on your Windows device would help you the best. 

How to Transfer BT Emails from BTinternet to Gmail?

Following the below-given information will help you the best regarding how to download BT emails via your BT Mail login account. Another thing is that switching to the BTinternet backup tool or software can help you in downloading BT Mails or emails. Adding on, you can download them on platforms such as Office 365, Gmail, Thunderbird, document format, etc. Furthermore, using the Btinternet cloud backup tool will make it easy for you to transfer emails from your BT Mail login account to another account with the help of the IMAP option. 

How Can You Back Up BTinternet Emails to Computers?

  • Start by running a BTinternet backup tool or software on your Windows device. After that, fill in the essential details of your BT Mail login and Internet accounts. 
  • Next, select the required email folders, then choose the essential saving option.  
  • Afterward, select your preferred-one location path, then click on the backup option to proceed further. 
  • As a result, the BTinternet login backup software will automatically start downloading emails from your BT Mail to your system.
BTinternet Emails

What is the Process to Back Up BTinternet Emails to the Computer?

  • First, run the BTinternet login Backup tool on your Windows device, then click on the BT Mail option. And then, fill in all the required details within the provided fields of the BTinternet Mail account. 
  • Doing this will enable the BTinternet backup tool to start collecting all the required information about your BTinternet account. Further, select the BT email folders you want to back up on your system. 
  • Next, select the saving options from the backup list options so that it can download BTinternet login emails on your system. After that, select other options to transfer emails from one BT Mail Login account to another. 
  • Remember, choosing the PST option to import BTinternet emails to Outlook enables you to download BTinternet emails more easily. Further, it might ask you to choose the destination location and other options. 
  • In the final step, click on the “backup” button to start downloading BTinternet emails. And that’s how you can complete the process to download BT Mail (BTinternet) Emails to the Computer Hard Drive.

What is the Process to Turn ‘On' and Read Receipts on your BTinternet Login Account?

First and foremost,, or you can say BT Mail, doesn’t provide any access to track or read receipts by using the webmail interface. But it is still possible, as it supports IMAP, which indicates it is allowed to use another email program such as Mailspring. So you can send messages with reading receipts and even enable open tracking. Now, here you have some steps which you can follow to send an email with reading receipts via your Btinternet login account.    

  • First and foremost, you need to download mainspring; therefore, you need to keep a few things in mind. Including, Mailspring is a free email app that lets you send emails with reading receipts. And even link tracking, and viewing notifications, whenever the users will open your emails. Also, consider that compatibility works on Windows 7, 8, and 10.  
  • To sign into your Btinternet Account, start by launching the Mailspring and choose IMAP/SMTP on the BT mail or email setup screen. After that, you need to enter the connection settings for your Btinternet login account, then click the “Continue” option. 
  • Remember, Mailspring is a full email client that allows you to check your (BT Mail Login) email without any webmail interface. Further, it will let your email display within a while. 
  • To send emails, you need to check the icons in the composer to enable read receipts and link tracking while composing an email in Mailspring.

And once your emails are viewed, they will show you notifications in the top left of the main window. Plus, it will also let you see icons and tags in your Sent folder to get more information. Last, the Mailspring also lets you see who has opened your BT email, even if you have multiple recipients.