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BT mail down: Users unable to log in to accounts as system Crashed across UK

This article will tell you about the UK’s BT Mail down issue. It is the time when users were able to sign in to their accounts and perform the mailing functions. 

Get Insight Into the BT Mail Down Issue

In the UK, due to a system crash, BT Mail users get stuck while signing into their accounts. When the number of users facing the issue got increased, the company posted a tweet and apologized to the users for the inconvenience they faced. Also, the company asked the users to take relevant steps to resolve the error. However, for most of the users, the issue got resolved on its own after a few days. 

How Can You Resolve BT Mail Down Issue?

BT Mail is a complimentary mailing service that you get along with your BT broadband connection. This is a popular mailing platform that helps you to add multiple email addresses. While using this service, you might get stuck while signing in. This same has happened in the UK. Due to a system crash, users faced the BT mail down issue while they tried signing in. In case you are also facing the issue while signing in, you must resolve it as soon as possible.

The following are general troubleshooting steps that will help you to fix the error and enjoy the smooth functioning of this ultimate mailing platform. 

➣ Fix Connection Issues-

In order to resolve the connection issues, you must check the internet connectivity. The following are some of the steps that will help you to resolve connectivity errors.

  • Reboot Your Wireless Router

If you are using a wireless network, then you need to reboot your router. For this, you first have to turn off your router and unplug it. Once you are done, wait for a few minutes and after that, plug it again and turn it on. This might help you in gaining good connectivity and resolve the error. 

  • Check for Obstacles

Along with this, you can also check for obstacles between your device and wireless router. If there are more of them, then you need to remove them. 

  • Ensure all the wires are connected properly

➣ Resolve BT Mail Login Error-

For resolving the BT Email login error, you need to follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned below. 

  • Check the login credentials you are using. You must ensure that you use the correct details.
  • Try resetting your Mail password and try signing in with a new one.
  • If you are using a mobile application, then you should try the BT login process through a web platform using the “” URL.
  • In case you have not accessed your account for 60 days, then your account will get suspended. In this case, you have to reactivate your account first and then, try the sign-in process. 

➣ Solve Browser Issues-

At times, you might face BT mail down issues due to the internet browser. Hence, you are recommended to try the following steps when you get stuck with the BT mail down the issue. 

  • Try using another browser
  • Switch to private window i.e. incognito tab
  • Install the latest version to upgrade your browser
  • Try deleting Cache files, History, and other unwanted data

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