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How to Cancel BT Broadband?

BT broadband is a well-known and highly used service as it provides its users with next-gen fiber broadbands, speedy WiFi service, unlimited usage packages, and much more. However, there are times when a user needs to end their, switch to a new one or just leave it. In case, you are in the same condition and looking for guidance to cancel your BT broadband service, then this guide will explain to you all. Here, you will get all the information about canceling your BT Broadband. 

What Do You Understand By BT Broadband Contract?

Whenever you purchase a BT service, you accept and enter into a contract. In general, the contract period is 12 months, or 18 months or 24 months. Under the contract you agree to be with BT for the minimum tenure. 

Before moving to the termination process, you must have a knowledge of your BT contract. Knowing the tenure of your contact, whether it ended or not, time left for the contract to end etc. is essential. All users must be aware of their contract terms. Hence, check your contract and proceed further. 

Get Guidance for Cancelling BT Broadband Service

Canceling the BT service varies with the tenure of contract. Once you know your contract, you can step forward with the given process.

When you are still in the Contract-

In case you want to end your BT service before completion of your contract period, you are liable to pay the charges, named as “Early Termination Charges(ETC)”. This is the fee or penalty that you pay for failing to use the service for the fixed time that you know before. The ETC may vary as per the amount of your service and time left in the completion of the contract. Make sure that this fee is not taxable. Along with ETC, users need to provide a notice too. 

If your Contract period get ended-

On terminating the BT mail service after the completion of the contract period, there is no additional charge. All you need is to provide prior notice either in written or by calling BT customer service. After the completion of your notice period, your BT broadband will get cancelled without being charged. 

Know More the Termination notice Period

What is the notice period and its tenure?

Canceling the BT broadband service requires the users to provide a prior notice about their intention towards cancellation. This notice must be provided regardless of your contract period. Whether your contract has come to an end or not, you need to provide a 30-days notice. During the notice period, you need to pay as per the charges of your service. 

Exceptions to the Notice Period:

In general, the notice period is of 30-days. However, there are some cases where BT provides its user’s a relaxation in the term of the notice period. There are two exceptional cases, they are:

  • When you switch to some other broadband provider

Switching to a new service provider via standard process requires you to provide a 14-days notice instead of 30-days. You don’t need to contact BT broadband for the same. The new service provider will notify BT on its own. 

  • When the account holder dies

In case the account holder passes away, there is no notice period. You just need to provide the account number and name of the account holder, along with your requirement. You have to tell BT whether you want to change the account holder or you want to cancel the service. 


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