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BT Mail App: How to Download and Setup?

BT Mail is an unbeatable web-based messaging service that is available for the users of BT Internet Services. This ingenious, well-protected and reliable email is a free-of-cost complimentary service. It is an extremely flexible service which allows you access anytime and from any location. The best part is you can continue to use this service even after disconnecting your Internet Connection. This avant-garde email facility is optional which means you must enrol for it at the time of activating your Subscription. It comes with cutting-edge state-of-the-art features that are highly customizable. Besides that, a single subscription allows you to set up 11 Email Addresses. This includes a Master Account along with 10 Subsidiary Account. In order to effortlessly access all these Email Accounts at a single location, you will need a BT Mail App.


BT Mail App


Although BT doesn’t provide any dedicated Application for the benefit of its users. Yet, it allows them to use the commonly available Email Clients like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird etc. In other words, it can be easily configured for utmost convenience. However, this requires BT Mail App Setup. 

Its Setup is a quick and simple process that involves Deployment of a preferred Email Client. Once it is Installed properly, you must configure your Email Account.


Download and Setup The BT Mail App


  1. To begin with, you must purchase your preferred BT Mail App like MS Outlook. 
  2. Now, bring up a Web Browser in order to download the required Setup File. 
  3. Next, you should go to the official website of your chosen Application. For instance, access “” for MS Outlook. 
  4. In order to proceed further, “BT Sign In” to your User Account. 
  5. Then, go to its “Subscriptions” section.
  6. After that, click on the “Install” tab to initiate the downloading process. 
  7. Thereafter, wait for the completion of the downloading process for BT Mail App. 
  8. Following that, go to your Computer’s “Downloads Folder”. 
  9. Open the “Setup File” by double-clicking on it. 
  10. Click “Run” on the Security Warning pop-up box.
  11. When you get the “User Account Control” window, click “Yes” to start the Installation process.
  12. Wait for its completion.
  13. Then, Restart your Computer. 
  14. Now, launch the Installed Software. 
  15. Click on “Activate”.
  16. Follow the on-screen instructions to Activate and complete the Setup process. 

Configure The BT Mail App


  1. In the very first place, launch the installed BT Mail App like MS Outlook. 
  2. Go to the very top of the window. Then, click on “File”.
  3. Click on “Category” followed by “Account Settings”.    
  4. Now, go to “New”. Beneath it, click on the “Email” tab.
  5. Thereafter, turn On the Server Settings. Then, click “Next”.
  6. After that, select the “Internet Email Address”. Then, click “Next”.
  7. On the following window, provide the required User Data correctly which includes: 
    • Your Name: Enter your Full Name.
    • Email Address: Type in your BT Email Address.
  8. In addition to that, it requires you to accurately enter the Server Information as given below.
    • Account Type: POP3
    • Incoming email:
    • Incoming port: 110
    • Outgoing email:
    • Outgoing port: 587
  9. Along with that, specify your Login Information as given below.
    1. Email:  Give your BT Email Address
    2. Password:  Enter the BT Email Account’s Password
    3. Login with Security: None 
  10. Thereafter, click on the “Test Account Settings” tab to run an authentication test. 
  11. In case of accurate details, the Test Result will be successful. Hence, click “Next”. 
  12. Else, it will notify you about the incorrect information. As such, make the required changes and re-run the Test.
  13. This completes the BT Mail App Configuration. Finally, click “Finish”.

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